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Dot Net Programming Course


Dot Net Programming for Beginners

Dot Net Programming Course – Dot Net has a high growth prospect in the future. The person with experience in this field is highly in demand.

Dot Net Programming Course
  1. Install Visual Studio
  2. Introduction to Visual Studio IDE
  3. Introduction to C#
  4. C# Data Types
  5. C# Strings
  1. C# Functions
  2. C# Exception Handling
  3. C# Collection
  4. C# OOP(Object-oriented programming)

  1. Web Development Using ASP.Net  Web Forms
  2. Web Development Using ASP.Net MVC
  1. Web Development Using ASP.Net Core
  2. The Web Developer Bootcamp

  1. Introduction to ASP.NET Web Forms
  2. ASP.NET Web Forms Features
  3. ASP.NET Web Forms Server Controls
  4. ASP.NET Web Forms Events Handling
  5. ASP.NET Validation
  6. ASP.NET Sessions
  7. ASP.NET Master Page
  8. Web.config
  1. Introduction to MS-SQL Server
  2. MS-SQL Database
  3. MS-SQL Create Table
  4. SQL constraints
  5. SQL Queries
  1. Introduction to ADO.NET
  2. .NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Server
  3. .NET Framework Data Providers Objects
  4. SqlConnection
  5. SqlCommand
  6. Dataset
  7. SqlDataAdapter
  8. SqlDataReader
  9. SqlException
  10. Dictionary
  1. Introdcution to MVC Architecture
  2. Understand the MVC design pattern and how it’s applied in ASP.NET MVC
  3. Understanding Model
  4. Understanding View
  5. Understanding Controller
  6. Key benefits of ASP.NET MVC
  7. Advantages of MVC based Web Application
  8. Understanding HTML Helpers
  1. Creating an Application in MVC
  2. Hidden Fields & MVC State Management
  3. Exploring Controllers & Data Passing
  4. Introduction to ADO.NET
  5. Creating Databases & Tables
  6. SQL Fundamentals
  7. Insert, Update, Delete, Select commands

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